Okinawa Karate

Outline of Okinawa Karate Worldwide Seminar

Business Name
Okinawa Karate Worldwide Seminar 2017
Business Purpose
This seminar will be held for Karate practitioners. Its purpose is to spread and promote karate in Japan and abroad, for karate enthusiasts to join this event, and also to develop leaders and successors.
2017,August 1(Tue)to 6(Sun);Total of 6 days
Okinawa Karate Hall
(1) Opening ceremony : August 1 (Tue)
(2) Seminar by Each Ryuha : August 1(Tue) to August 5 (Sat)


  *Personal training will be carried out for 1 day during the term

(3)Demonstration and Closing Ceremony : August 5(Sat)
(4)Bus Tour and Farewell Party : August 6(Sun)
Participation Qualification
Japanise and International Karate Practitioners
Participation Fee
150 people
Event Host
Okinawa Prefecture,The Okinawa Traditional Karate-do Shinko-kai