Okinawa Karate


Chairman,The Okinawa Traditional Karate-do Shinko-kai

Hello. How is everyone?

In holding the 5th Okinawa Karate Worldwide Seminar, I send forth my greetings.

We are truly grateful for participants all across the globe, allowing us to have this seminar, and as a representative of Okinawa, I warmly welcome you all.

Okinawa Prefecture was previously known as Ryukyu Kingdom, which developed a rich international culture through its ties with China and other Asian nations. Okinawa Karate, which was nurtured through Okinawa's unique history and natural features, is not only used for training your body or increasing your martial arts skills, but it is also a way to cleanse your mind, and as a martial art that focuses on manners, it is now widely spread throughout the world, and karate enthusiasts are now said to exceed 100 million people worldwide.

This seminar provides a unique opportunity to absorb the essence of Okinawa Karate and improve your skills and spiritual training under the guidance of high-profile instructors of each style, that this prefecture boasts of.

We hope that all participants will take advantage of this opportunity to improve their skills and spiritual training, while interacting and making friends with other participants, so that this "Okinawa Karate Kaikan" was opened in Okinawa in March this year as a base facility to spread "Okinawa - the birthplace of Karate" to the rest of the world, so that it will be adopted and developed in the future.will be a fruitful seminar.

Apart from a dojo where you can carry out various meetings and seminars, Karate Kaikan also has exhibition facilities where you can learn about the style of Okinawa karate and its history. Therefore please use this opportunity to visit and experience the history of Okinawa Karate.

Also, in August next year, the 1st Okinawa Karate International Tournament will be held with the aim of preserving and passing on the skills and spirituality of Okinawa Karate, as well as an opportunity for Karate enthusiasts to interact.We encourage everyone to come and participate in this tournament next year.

In conclusion, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone involved in Okinawa Karate; who cooperated in organizing this seminar, and I wish for all participants' continued good health and success in the future.

Thank you very much.

Takashi Onaga, Governor of Okinawa Prefecture, Jun, 2017